Lions are the Largest Service Club in the World

Join us at the German Cultural Center - 160 Cartwright Street East, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, (except July and August) at 6:00 pm.

Presidents Message

Lions are leaders in service….and I am honored to be part of Lions.

For Lions, the motto ‘We Serve’ extends beyond our own communities, and I am amazed at all the different kinds of service that we are able to provide. I am looking forward to all the important projects we will complete this year and all the people we will help through Lionism.

No matter the size of a project, we are able to make a difference…whether working at a club event, running errands, or simply taking supplies to and from meetings.

I believe this year will be an opportunity to set new goals for our club, concentrate on membership and club growth, and to build on the successes of our club.

For further information, contact me at or phone 306-373-2046

 Lion President

Loyd Ullrich